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How much does eyebrow microblading cost in NYC?

Cost: 350$ - Deposit $25
Procedure Time: 2h.
Procedure count: 1-2


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What is microblading / eyebrow tattoo?

Microblading is a manual eyebrow restoration method. Draw each hair with a special tool with the finest blade at the end. Microblading, or manual eyebrow tattooing technique, allows you to paint more subtly, accurately, and without swelling. Such eyebrow tattooing will help to avoid excessive expressiveness, guaranteeing smooth lines and soft contours. Microblading is also called 3D shading or micro-pigmentation

How long do Microblading eyebrows last?

  • the effect lasts 1.5-3 years, after this time, you can either repeat the same form or do something fundamentally new;
  • the pigment evenly introduced under the skin does not fade with time in gray, green, and blue;
  • the procedure is less traumatic because the needle is inserted under the skin to a depth of 0.2-0.8 mm. Such minor injuries quickly heal, and the procedure itself is not as painful as regular tattooing;
  • edema and thick crusts do not form, so you do not have to fall out of your usual daily schedule for a while;
  • natural-looking drawn hairs that are always depicted individually, repeating the thickness, color, and length of natural eyebrow hair.

How does the eyebrow microblading procedure pass?

When you decide to make eyebrow microblading, you will have to prepare in advance. Recommendations are simple, but binding:

  • in two weeks, stop plucking your eyebrows yourself;
  • 3-4 days before the procedure, exclude the use of antibiotics, alcohol, as they affect the stability of the pigment and blood coagulation;
  • do not go to sunbathe in the solarium, otherwise, the skin will become rough, which will complicate the procedure;
  • on the day of the session, excluding coffee and caffeinated products from the diet.

Is microblading harmful to eyebrows?

In this technique, sterility and the qualifications of the master are very important: the ability to feel the skin. It is worth introducing the pigment a little deeper, and the color of the dye will change. It is easy enough to learn the method, but unscrupulous masters gain experience by ruining the eyebrows of their clients.Microblading is offered by thousands of craftsmen, but there are very few really qualified specialists. A master's mistake can cost the client health and beauty.


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