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A modern solution for shaping and volumizing your lips, giving you a natural and beautiful result.

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What are Injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers are cosmetic treatments designed to reverse the signs of aging, such as loss of volume or shape, smoker’s lines, drooping lips, and more. These procedures are aimed at the natural restoration of youth. By using water-based products such as Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane or Volbella, we can enhance your lips by enhancing their size, shape and dimension to achieve a more balanced and symmetrical look.

Treatments are quick, take less than an hour, and you will notice results immediately. Say goodbye to aging issues and say hello to our efficient and effective filling procedures.

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One visit and you have perfect lips

Like many celebrities, you can now defy aging with injectable fillers. Lips will look natural if the fillers are done correctly.

To improve facial features, correct and balance the structure of the lips, services should be provided by an experienced specialist.

A good candidate for lip augmentation with filler is an individual who:

  1. Is in good overall health.
  2. Has realistic expectations about the results of the procedure.
  3. Wishes to achieve fuller and more defined lips.
  4. Does not have allergies to the ingredients in the selected filler product.
  5. Does not have any active infections or inflammation in the area to be treated.

    If you meet these criteria, you may be an excellent candidate for lip augmentation using fillers. However, it’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine the best approach for your specific needs and desired outcome.

Preparing for Lip Augmentation with Filler

Preparing for lip augmentation with filler is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful procedure. Dr. Ella will provide you with detailed pre-treatment instructions, which may include the following:


  1. Avoiding blood-thinning medications and supplements, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E, for at least one week before the procedure. This minimizes the risk of bleeding and bruising during the treatment.
  2. Refraining from smoking for at least two weeks before and after the treatment. Smoking can impede the healing process and may affect the final results.
  3. Keeping ice packs or cold compresses ready for use. These can help reduce swelling and discomfort after the lip augmentation procedure.
  4. Abstaining from alcohol consumption the night before the treatment. Alcohol can lead to excessive swelling and bruising, so it’s best to avoid it to ensure optimal results.


By following these guidelines, you can prepare yourself effectively for the lip augmentation procedure and increase the chances of achieving the desired outcome. Always remember to consult with your healthcare professional for personalized pre-treatment instructions and advice.


The Procedure: What to Expect

During the lip augmentation procedure, Dr. Ella prioritizes your comfort by first applying a local anesthetic cream or local anesthesia. This ensures that you will feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Gently and skillfully, the doctor will inject fillers into your lips with a thin needle. The injections will be strategically placed to achieve the desired volume, shape and symmetry based on your individual facial features and aesthetic goals. Rest assured that you are in expert hands and Dr. Ella will work closely with you to achieve the great results you desire.

Typically, the lip augmentation procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete, although the duration may vary depending on the extent of the procedure. Some minor discomfort, swelling, or bruising may occur after the injections, but these side effects are temporary and should subside within several days.

Rest assured that you are in the hands of a skilled professional who prioritizes your well-being and satisfaction throughout the entire lip augmentation journey.

How long will the effect last?

After undergoing lip contouring with hyaluronic acid fillers, the effects can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. The filler remains in the tissues during this period and gradually biodegrades, eventually being naturally excreted from the body.

The longevity of the effect is influenced by the density of the filler used; denser fillers tend to stay in the tissues for a longer duration. Additionally, lifestyle and individual patient characteristics play a role in the duration of the effect.

Patients with an active lifestyle, frequent visits to saunas, baths, beaches, and solariums, and those undergoing thermal procedures may experience faster excretion of the filler. On average, denser fillers tend to last 4 to 6 months longer than lighter and milder ones.

Can lip fillers be done during my period?

During menstruation, it is possible to perform lip contour correction with fillers, but it is essential to consider certain factors. Menstruation can thin the blood and reduce its coagulation, increasing the risk of severe swelling and the formation of hematomas after the procedure. It is advisable to discuss your menstrual cycle with your healthcare professional before scheduling the treatment. They can help you make an informed decision and take necessary precautions to minimize any potential risks during this time.

How long does the swelling last after a doctor's visit?

Lip contouring to increase lip volume is an invasive procedure that involves puncturing the skin and underlying tissues to inject selected fillers. Because of this, swelling is expected for the first 1-2 days after the procedure. In the first few hours after the procedure, the swelling typically increases, peaking after about 12-24 hours, and then gradually subsides. Typically, the swelling disappears completely within 2-3 days and you will have the final result of lip augmentation. During this post-operative period, you need to be patient: your body will adjust to the changes and the slight swelling will gradually decrease, revealing the desired lips.

What lip augmentation office is near me in Queens, NY?

If you live in New York State on Long Island, Dr. Ella offers lip augmentation services in: Floral Park NY