Permanent eyeliner makeup services in NY

The eyes are the most expressive part of a woman's face. The brilliance of women's eyes reflects true beauty when this beauty blossoms in the heart. To emphasize the brightness of beautiful eyes, makeup comes to the aid of the beautiful half of humanity.

All Esthetics offers permanent eye makeup, which more and more women choose. Its advantages allow women to solve a large number of problems.

Such a procedure has no age restrictions except for a very young age when permanent makeup is impractical. The eyelids after this procedure look very impressive and expressive, and permanent makeup looks great in the eyes of young girls and adult ladies, equally favorably emphasizing the features of the eyes and carefully hiding imperfections.

This procedure achieves the effect of eyeliner or shadows and usually uses pigments of black or brown color. Other shades are rarely used as an accent.

No need to waste time on everyday makeup. The permanent makeup of the eyelids is always an opportunity to look flawless, starting in the early morning and ending in the late evening.

You no longer have to replenish your monthly supply of cosmetics. Forget about constant trips to the store for the next eyeliner marker. Everything you need is already on your eyes.

Do you constantly worry when it suddenly starts raining outside? Are you invited to the pool or sauna? With permanent eye makeup, you will get rid of this problem. Even if you are at work all day, and in the evening you go to training, your arrows will not be blurred and will remain unchanged.

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How to choose what you suit?

The main task before the procedure is to choose the proper technique and form for the future permanent makeup of the eyes and eyelids. If you doubt the choice, professional masters of All Esthetics will help you. At the consultation, you can conduct a preliminary fitting of future arrows and ensure that the choice is correct because one mistake can have serious consequences for you.

When you plan to come to permanent eye makeup, reserve for the session for about 2 hours and remove contact lenses and eyelash extensions.

Before starting work, the master will discuss the appropriate shape and corner of the arrow with you and create a sketch. After you approve the sketch, the pigment is applied.

The procedure will not cause discomfort. Be sure - the master will do everything gradually and without haste. All Esthetics draws up a work schedule to give each client maximum time.

A qualitative result is usually achieved in two skin pigmentation procedures. Approximately one to two months should pass between the first procedure and the correction.

Over time, the color will become muted. After a few years, it can be updated so that the permanent again becomes saturated and bright.

At the initial consultation, the All Esthetics specialist will inform you that the procedure has both absolute and relative contraindications. And after the design of permanent makeup, he will give recommendations for eye care and familiarize you with the limitations during the healing period that cannot be ignored. There are few of them, but they play a decisive role.

By tattooing the eyes, you will free yourself from daily eyeliner and drawing arrows - the eyes will look flawless. There will be no need to control your emotions for the sake of the safety of makeup - to laugh to tears and carelessly walk in the rain. What could be more beautiful?

The time for transformation has already come. Right now, take a step towards perfection - call the phone or fill out the feedback form.

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What styles of permanent eyeliner can I get?

Currently, there are many types of eyelid tattooing, and every year there are more and more new techniques. The main modern techniques of permanent eyelid makeup are "classic arrow", "arrow with feathering", and "tattooing of the interciliary space". All the other names of eye tattooing you will find on the Web or hear from the masters of permanent are derived from three basic techniques. They will differ from those we listed and may be considered common marketing names with the same content.

What is a classic arrow?

Such permanent eye makeup allows you to forget the need to let your eyes down every morning for a long time. The line is usually drawn above the eyelashes, and its length may slightly extend beyond the eye area and smoothly turn into a thin line until it comes to naught. The thickness of the tattoo of the arrow may be different, so you should discuss in advance with the master the desired result at the consultation before the procedure.

What is the feather arrow?

This type of permanent eye makeup is often chosen by clients who have mimic wrinkles or sagging eyelids since the traditional dark contour can only emphasize age-related changes. It helps to make the appearance nobler, creating a soft, discreet effect. The arrow with feathering looks voluminous, and it is optimal to make it of medium thickness. It can complement the classic arrow or be used separately.

What is a tattoo of the interciliary space?

The procedure helps to give the look expressiveness due to the effect of thick eyelashes. The pigment is applied to the skin between the cilia and visually increases their number. Also, this type of tattooing helps to correct the natural asymmetry of the eyes slightly and allows you to look attractive and well-groomed without the daily use of cosmetics.

This type of eyelid tattoo involves drawing a contour along the growth line of the eyelashes. The thickness of the line can be from 1 millimeter to the thickness of the ciliary outline. Thanks to this method, eyelashes look thicker, and the look is expressive.

When performing permanent makeup of the interciliary space, customers can complement the effect with the help of ordinary cosmetics. Making eyeliner on the upper eyelid or applying "smoky" shadows will not be difficult, for example, for evening makeup, when it is necessary to place accents on the eyes, depending on your image.

How long does permanent eyeliner last?

The duration of the effect depends on the chosen technique. On average, the classic arrow and arrow with feathering lasts two years, and interciliary tattooing of the eyelids - 2.5 years or more. The visibility of the effect depends on the characteristics of the organism. In some, it lasts two years, and in others, five or more years.

How is permanent eyeliner performed?

You and your artist will discuss the goals of your eyeliner and sketch out a rough idea of what this will look like before the tattoo begins. Your body type, lifestyle, and personal style will be considered.

How long do eyelids heal after permanent makeup?

The procedure for applying permanent makeup involves injury to the skin, although the pigment is injected shallowly. During rehabilitation, proper care is needed. A sauna, a pool, and a tan should be excluded. The healing process after the permanent makeup of the eyelids is 4-5 days.

What are the risks of permanent eyeliner?

Permanent makeup lasts up to 2 years. That's an advantage. But there is a nuance - if the procedure is done poorly, the shade is unsuccessfully selected, and the pigment is unprofessionally introduced. This result will have to be either corrected or tolerated long enough.