Who is shown a tattoo of the areola of the breast?

First of all, the breast areola tattoo procedure in All Esthetics is performed by women who are unsatisfied with how their breasts look aesthetically and experience discomfort from this or have problems with pigmentation in this area.

The tattoo areola can be done for rejuvenation - with age, the pigmentation of individual zones changes, the color becomes less uniform, and fades. Then you can also resort to the services of a permanent makeup master.

Another indication for the tattoo of the areola of the breast is the asymmetry of the nipples - with the help of permanent makeup, you can make the areolas the same, and the woman will not experience any complexes because of her breasts.

You can combine women who have undergone augmentative mammoplasty in a separate category. To hide postoperative scars, many women turn to permanent makeup masters.

All Esthetics can offer 3D-tattoo areola breasts for people who have undergone sex reassignment surgery, nipple reconstruction, or breast surgery where the nipple has been removed. Tattooing helps to mask the consequences of the surgical intervention visually.

Areola tattooing is a salvation for those women who underwent a mastectomy at one time and sought help from a plastic surgeon to operate to restore the mammary gland.

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Some features of the procedure

When you think about tattooing the breast's areola, you should contact a specialized clinic such as All Esthetics with this question, not a tattoo artist. The pigments used by All Esthetics specialists for breast areola tattoos are not so persistent - they need correction over time, but at the same time, they are absolutely safe for your health. To consolidate the result, all patients should repeat the procedure in a month. Also, the procedure presented in All Esthetics is performed according to the medical protocol.

A specialist for tattooing in the technique of "micro-pigmentation of the areola of the nipple" uses disposable tools. Like permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, and lips, he performs nipple tattooing with special pigments, also used to camouflage scars. These are special paints created to pigment the skin.

Positive reviews of tattooing confirm that special dyes are ideal and the only way to camouflage skin imperfections. The procedure to eliminate non-pigmented areas after operations, congenital disabilities, and plastic surgery to enlarge the breast, their correction is an artistic work at the level of colorimetry.

All Esthetics specialists know the specifics of dyes and coloring pigments - how these dyes manifest themselves over time in terms of color, how they are combined with skin color, and subsequent care. They can understand the effect of 3D and the possibility of using the corrective abilities of the pigment to create the perfect shape and a suitable skin tone around the nipples.

Although the demand for this procedure is large, All Esthetics devotes enough time and attention to each patient so that the result of the tattoo procedure is flawless.

Before the procedure, you can discuss any concerns about pain and possible contraindications with a specialist. Choose the look, location, and color of the areola that will look most natural for your skin tone and the individual characteristics of your breasts.

After completion, you will receive comprehensive tattoo care and recovery instructions after the procedure.

And so, take a step towards getting rid of oppressive discomfort right now - call the phone or fill out the feedback form.

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What are the contraindications to the procedure?


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute infections and exacerbations of chronic diseases, oncological processes of any localization;
  • immunodeficiency state, diabetes mellitus;
  • blood diseases, accompanied by problems with their coagulability.

How long do I have to wait before surgery to get a breast areola tattoo?

Tattooing is performed at least three months after the last nipple reconstruction procedure. During this time, the skin will heal.

Will it hurt me during the tattoo procedure of the nipple and its areola?

Loss of sensation in the mammary glands after mastectomy is standard. In most cases, during the tattoo procedure, there is only a feeling of pressure or vibration. A local anesthetic can affect the color of your tattoo, so we don't recommend using it unnecessarily.

When after childbirth and the completion of breastfeeding, can I get a tattoo of the areola?

Six months after birth, if the woman does not plan to feed the child independently, or six months after the end of the lactation process. Six months are needed for the body to recover from hormonal and other changes fully. Classical medical standards apply here.

How many sessions are required to achieve the desired result?

As a rule, one visit to a specialist is enough, and a second may be needed for the examination and possible correction. The procedure takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours and is performed without anesthesia, but at the patient's request, an anesthetic cream can be used to anesthetize the nipple area.

How long does the areola of the nipples last?

It all depends on the body's individual characteristics, the work of the endocrine glands, and metabolism. On average, the tattoo of the areola of the nipples lasts about five years. But after a year or two, you may need tattoo correction, be prepared for this.

What is the difference between nipple reconstruction tattooing and 3D tattooing?

Nipple reconstruction is a procedure for restoring and lifting the nipple. This procedure uses skin and breast tissue to form a new raised nipple. Later, a colored tattoo is applied to the restored nipple and around it with the formation of the breast's areola. If you haven't had a nipple reconstruction, you can get a 3D tattoo. 3D tattooing adds color and shadow to the mammary gland to make the nipple look raised – flat to the touch, like a regular tattoo but looks like a natural nipple.