Train with an industry leader My name is Ella, and I am a certified Microblading expert!
permanent makeup school

What is the reason for creating my MICROBLADING COURSE?

I see lots of Microblading masters who suggest their classes and provide real models for their students to make permanent makeup on the second day of studying and you know what I notice??

A student CAN’T LEARN EVERYTHING, get rid of fear, get enough confidence and start working on real people during these 2-3 days of training … That’s why lots of you quit it and just leave this idea to be a wonderful specialist in this field..

And it’s absolutely clear and LOGICAL! You need more time, more practice before taking a model to gain PMU, Microblading experience❗️

You pay so much MONEY for a course and I think you want to come out as a confident specialist, without any fear of working with people ♥️

This is the reason why I created my personal 2-DAY Course which is focused on showing you what kind of profession it is, you will understand if you like it and if you want to continue working in this field! You should try and get your first experience working on LATEX first❗️

Starts at 10am
Day 1
Is a theory!
Day 2
is a practice! And you’ll be able to see in detail how I work with clients from A to Z


✅ has absolutely ZERO knowledge and experience in a Microblading field

✅ already took a course but still has NO confidence and has lots of fear of working with people


On average, the cost of microblading eyebrows is $200-800фAs of June 1, 2023, the average annual salary for microblading specialists in New York City is $200,000 a year.
But this figure is inaccurate because the amount of salary depends on the number of clients accepted. In one day you can take from 1 to 6 clients, the cost per visit from $ 150 to $ 1500.. Brow correction will cost $100-200.

How much should I charge for microblading as a beginner?

You should not underprice your work. We will give you enough knowledge to make you feel confident. It's worth considering the cost of tools, pigments, the minimum cost of microblading is $150. This is the price that should cover your costs so that you can break even.

Is it worth learning microblading?

Microblading is a popular service in New York, so the demand for a good specialist will always be relevant. But most importantly, it's a high-paying job. You don't have to get an expensive, high-paying education for that.

Do I need a license to work in microblading in NY?

All professionals working in the beauty industry, including microblading, must be licensed to work legally in New York State.

Is microblading an art?

Each experienced microblading master has his own handwriting.
Microblading masters can be called maestros.

How to succeed in microblading?

First of all, you need to learn the microblading process well, and the only way to do that is to take a really good quality Microblading Brow course in New York. Your instructor should reveal all the secrets of quality microblading, tell you about the tools, pigments, color theory and the safety of your clients.

This AMAIZING class includes
$ 1700
  • study of color theory (how to cover DARK LIPS)
  • practice mixing colors
  • lots of practice on LATEX
  • study of color wheel (I'll explain how you can easily understand it)
  • knowledge of the different needles
  • knowledge of what kind of machines there are (how to properly hold it)
  • all the information of how to prepare for a PMU license exam
  • how to perfectly choose the shape and color for each client
  • and so many other details!

Please TEXT +1 718-839-44-94 OR DM All esthetics 

All trainings are offered in 10 Verbena Ave Floral park ny11001 LongIsland location only
A 500$ deposit is required
Zelle 718-839-4494 All Esthetics
Or Cash-app


Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. For training - MINIMUM of 4 week notice must be given in order to transfer the deposit to a different date. The deposit is forfeited if the required notices aren’t given in the above mentioned timeframes. If notice isn’t given by the previously mentioned timeframes, a new deposit will need to be made if you wish to schedule again. The deposit is transferable but NOT refundable to a future date as long as 72 hours notice is given for brow services and 6 week notice for training classes.

Deposit is forfeited.