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Remove eyebrows with CRC l + ll

Cost: From $ 180
Procedure Time: 1.5 h.
Procedure count: 1


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Best way to remove microblading eyebrows

CRC Tatoo Remover I+II System (USA) is a method of removing tattoos and permanent makeup. Tatoo Remover I (by technician), has a low pH which works on extracting pigment. Aided by Tatoo Remover II (by client home care) beginning the initiation of tissue repair. It can be used directly at the time of procedure for correction of small errors and also in removing healed tattoos and permanent makeup.

Advantages of Tatoo Remover I+II System:


  • No pain during procedure, product placed only superficially
  • Procedure takes less time, no need for any anesthetic
  • Does not leave scars
  • Very little to no redness or swelling on day of procedure
  • No scabbing and very little exfoliation of area, client can lead a 
  • normal lifestyle
  • After procedure client can get treated area wet and use makeup
  • Procedures take place at intervals of 2 1/2 weeks for large tattoos 
  • and 3-4 weeks for areas of permanent makeup
  • Can be used on lip and eye area
  • No hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation

How many procedures does it take to remove an old tattoo?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions! Dear customers, tattoo removal depends on several factors:


  • the density of the pigment in your skin
  • color (pigment composition)
  • depth of pigment 

Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee a specific number of sessions, and no master can do this. When we meet, we will find out the information - how many tattoos were there, when, what did you do? Only after that we decide how to remove (laser, remover). You can find out approximately how many sessions are needed. I work with high-quality equipment. Send me your photos, I will give you a free consultation.

Let's remove the ugly work together (lips, eyebrows, eyeliner). Let's create beauty together, I will help you. Deposit $25


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