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Permanent makeup lips

Permanent lip makeup photo before and after

Permanent makeup on the lips creates the appearance of volume, corrects the shape and small asymmetries

Makes the color deeper and more saturated, and the outline is clear. Scars and various defects are masked, up to the cleft lip. With age, this is the best way to restore youth and freshness to the lips. Finally, you can forget about lipsticks and constant worries that something will be smeared or imprinted where it is not necessary!

What is permanent lip makeup? The technique of performing permanent makeup resembles a regular tattoo using similar machines and needles. But the pigment is injected under the top layer of the skin, much closer to the surface. Thanks to this, the procedure is relatively painless even in such sensitive areas, and the result looks natural.

Preparing for a lip perm

To do this, you need to apply Zaverax ointment on the lips 2 days before the procedure. You can not carry out the procedure for herpes on the lips. 2-3 days before the tattoo, you should start taking anti-herpes medications.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does permanent lip makeup cost?

The cost of our services is $350
The cost of permanent lip makeup in NY is from $300 to $1000.

How long does the pigment stay on the lips?

The color of the lips lasts from one to three years. It all depends on the technique, individual characteristics of the body, and timely correction. The watercolor technique is one of the most popular.

How long does permanent lip makeup take to heal?

The healing process of lips after permanent makeup lasts 5-7 days, eyebrows - 7-10 days, and eyelids - 4-5 days. Full recovery of cells in any zone takes about a month. These times are approximate and average. They depend on the individual characteristics of a person, his immunity, and age.

How painful is a lip tattoo?

The tattoo will be painless if you properly prepare for the procedure and choose the right anesthesia.


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How long does it keep?

It all depends on the technique, the depth of pigment injection, the type of skin and the availability of regular care. The surface constantly lasts up to 1.5 years, and more complex techniques - up to 2-2.5. With constant hydration and professional performance, the shade lasts up to 3-5 years.

What's going on with your lips?

Nothing! Own lips do not suffer in any way after the procedure if permanent makeup was done by a professional. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations for care, save the result and make a correction in time. The maximum that will happen is that the pigment will gradually fade over time.

Keep in mind that the most common consequence of permanent lip makeup is herpes. The skin is badly damaged, so any infections easily get into it. You need to be prepared for this and take care of prevention in advance.

How to choose a color for permanent lip makeup

The color is always selected individually, because you need to take into account your own lip shade, skin tone, desired result and type in general. During the procedure, the masters combine several adjacent shades to make the result look as natural as possible.

Fair-haired, fair-skinned and light-eyed girls are best suited for warm peach, apricot, salmon and beige shades. Contrasting blondes and blondes should pay attention to the same colors, but cold tones. Dark-haired and dark-eyed people are more saturated with red and even plum colors. And red-golden-brown is worth paying attention to terracotta, brown, reddish and the same plum.

Lip permanent makeup techniques

There are many different techniques that an experienced master usually combines for specific tasks. Let's talk about the most popular!

Contour technique

The master draws a clear, neat outline if his own is blurry or uneven. The shade is matched to the tone of the lips, so the stroke does not look drawn with a pencil. Very often, the procedure is preferred by older women due to characteristic age-related changes.


Shading returns a bright and saturated shade to the lips. The pigment is extinguished over the entire surface, from the contour or slightly out of bounds. This is the best way to visually enlarge the lips, but you need to match the color perfectly.

Volumetric technique

The method is used if you need to correct problems - asymmetry, lack of fullness, uneven contour. Usually the procedure is carried out in two stages: first, the master makes a contour and masks obvious flaws, and the second time he fills everything with color.

Watercolor technique

In modern makeup, clear pencil lines are less and less used. The watercolor technique does not imply bright outlined borders, so the result looks as natural as possible. And if you use muted shades, then no one in your life will say that you have a lip tattoo!

Light kayal

An interesting technique involves applying light highlights, which makeup artists usually draw with a white pencil. As a result, lips appear softer and plumper. But this requires an ideal form from nature.

Permanent lipstick

This technique involves completely painting over the lips with color so that they appear brightly made up. Suitable for those who cannot go out without their favorite lipstick. But you need to carefully choose the color, because it will be difficult to paint over bright lips.

How do lips heal after tattooing?


Lips heal very quickly, but you can fully appreciate the result no earlier than a month later. The first days they seem too bright and swollen. By the third day, the swelling subsides and crusts begin to form. They should not be scratched, torn off or touched with hands - this will spoil the result. Usually the crusts finally fall off after about a week, and the color becomes paler.


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