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Hello lovely girls. I am Ella, a permanent makeup artist from NYC. I have devoted 20 years of work in the beauty industry, for the last four years I have been specializing in permanent makeup.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is, one might say, tattoo makeup: during a special cosmetic procedure, the pigment is "embedded" into the upper layers of the skin - as a result, a kind of indelible makeup is formed on the face.


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We are in a convenient location: Floral Park NY. It is convenient to come to us from the closest cities in NASSAU COUNTY: NY, Corona Queens, Jamaica Queens, Hempstead, Mineola, Garden City, Rego Park, Freeport, Commack. Reception of clients for permanent eyebrow makeup, by appointment only by phone: +1 (718) 839-4494


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between permanent eyebrow makeup and eyebrow tattooing?

Permanent make-up is an ordinary tattoo on the body (the pigment penetrates deep into the dermis). Permanent makeup is skin micropigmentation. The essence of this technology is the application of a coloring pigment along a predetermined contour. In this case, the pigment is injected shallowly.

How long does permanent eyebrow makeup wear?

Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo that stays on the skin for a long time, but not forever. The initial appearance of colored eyebrows in different women lasts from six months to 2-5 years.

How long does it take to make permanent eyebrows?

How long does it take to make eyebrow tattoo? The whole process takes 1 hour, of which about 15 minutes is the selection of the color, another 15-20 minutes is spent on the action of the anesthetic. The introduction of the pigment takes at least 1 hour when shading, it takes more time to draw eyebrows using the hair method, about 1.5 hours.

How long does Powdery Eyebrow Heals?

Stages of skin restoration and healing of powder eyebrows. It takes about 4 weeks for the skin to fully regenerate. Young skin heals faster due to accelerated metabolism - 3 weeks is enough for it, on the contrary, for aging skin, it takes more time - at least 4-5 weeks

How to care for eyebrows after permanent make-up?

The main rule: do not overuse various creams, lubricate the skin no more than twice a day with a thin layer and remove excess to prevent "steaming". And most importantly, the area of ​​permanent makeup must not be scratched, rubbed or removed in any other way! So, eyebrows are the most popular procedure!

What is permanent eyebrow makeup?

Permanent make-up, also tattoo, contour make-up, micropigmentation, derma pigmentation - the introduction of a special pigment into the upper layers of the dermis using a needle to create a permanent pattern on the face, to emphasize, highlight, correct, improve some facial features or imitate regular makeup.

How quickly does eyebrow tattoo disappear?

Hairy permanent eyebrow makeup lasts an average of 1 to 2 years. After this period, the procedure must be performed again. Powder coating wears off after about 2 years, while the eyebrows look natural even after the pigment is released.

What not to do after eyebrow tattooing?

1. The use of decorative cosmetics for eyebrows is excluded.
2. Tearing off the crust (ichor). It is dangerous for the lack of results, the appearance of "holes" in the drawing, as well as the appearance of bleeding, followed by inflammation and infection.
3. Application of funds at independent discretion outside the scope of recommendations from the master. It can lead to the absence and decrease in the quality of the work performed, as well as a change in the state of health.
4. The use of a number of drugs that help thin the blood.
5. Applying ice to the eyebrow area in a "clean" form. That is, only through a wrapped cloth (for example, a towel).
6. Constant soaking of ichor in the first three days. It is recommended to do this only twice a day.
7. Visit to the sauna and solarium.


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Hi, my name is Ella, I intend to become a TOP Master in New York, then in the USA


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First, carefully listen to all your wishes. Guided by them, we will offer our makeup options and focus on what you like. The use of modern methods of anesthesia allows you to completely and painlessly carry out the tattoo procedure and get a result that differs from the initial sketch only in greater accuracy and naturalness. Modern permanent makeup is absolutely safe, since all consumables are disposable and sterilely packaged. After 2 hours from the moment of the meeting, you will have a person who will not need the constant use of decorative cosmetics.