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Modeling Mask For Face

Cost: 50$
Procedure Time: 1 h.
Procedure count: 1


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Modeling face mask in New York

When choosing a mask, you should not focus on a well-known brand or composition. The main thing is skin needs. Each tool adapts to solve a specific problem. For oily skin, a mixture with fruit acids, which tend to normalize the secretion of sebum, is suitable. For a withering type, products with hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides are selected.


  1. The choice will depend on the type of skin:
  2. bold - increased sebum secretion and enlarged pores;
  3. dry - peeling, a feeling of tightness and dryness;
  4. combined - a combination of the first two types;
  5. normal - pores do not stand out, matte shade and even relief.

Rules for selecting a modeling mask

Masks intensely affect the skin and solve problems:

  • moisturizing;
  • nutritional vitamins;
  • smoothing;
  • mitigation;
  • whitening.

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