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What is microblading / eyebrow tattoo?

”Today PMU means saving time, which is important in the modern pace of life! A quick, painless procedure that emphasizes natural beauty and, if necessary, hides imperfections” - Ella

Permanent lip makeup has many benefits. Creates the appearance of volume, corrects shape and minor asymmetries, makes the color deeper and more saturated, and the contour - clear. Scars and various defects are masked. As you age, this is the best way to restore youthfulness and freshness to your lips. Finally, forget about lipstick. PMU is an opportunity to maintain your attractiveness regardless of the circumstances and time of day.

We use the highest quality pigments in our work. They are particularly resistant, hypoallergenic and harmless to health. Local anesthesia is applied taking into account contraindications and individual characteristics.

All work on the creation of permanent makeup is carried out exclusively in sterile conditions using disposable consumables. Studio visitors receive all the necessary advice on proper facial care during the healing period after the procedure.


Benefits of Service

Benefits of permanent lip makeup
You will wear permanent lip makeup for a long time. The pigment is injected under the skin, so it cannot be washed off with water or makeup remover. Therefore, in the bathhouse, sauna, pool, on beach, you will look bright even without makeup. Permanent make-up has its own "shelf life", however, before correction in 2-3 years, one should not expect dramatic changes.


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Hi, my name is Ella, I intend to become a TOP Master in New York, then in the USA


If you are seeking a eyebrow/eyelash enhancement or skin care salon that will provide you with the royal treatment and professional service, look no further! Visit us at Allesthetics where we provide you with top notch service at affordable prices. We understand the needs of each individual and we strive our best to make your experience pleasurable and comfortable. Our team is dedicated to creating a sleek, welcoming sanctuary environment where you will receive nothing less than VIP service on each and every visit.

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