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Teeth whitening

Blanqueamiento dental

Sin dolor ni daño al esmalte, ¡como un blanqueamiento cosmético! ¡El efecto se nota inmediatamente después del procedimiento!

Throughout life, teeth darken due to many factors: smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, coloring drinks, juices, the initial stages of caries, etc.
A special tooth whitening gel is applied to the smile area. It is safe and has a pleasant mint aroma.

The cold glow LED lamp interacts with the gel and oxidizes pigment deposits, discolors them. The structure of hard tissues is not affected.
Re-determine the color after bleaching. The result of whitening depends on the number of sets and the initial tone of the teeth. The effect lasts up to 6 months.


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Crees que el costo del blanqueamiento dental en Nueva York es demasiado alto? Les demuestro a mis clientes que esto no es cierto.
Una sonrisa de dientes blancos es uno de los símbolos de la belleza. Sin embargo, los afortunados raros reciben tal regalo de la naturaleza. A menudo, para lograr un tono atractivo de esmalte dental, debe hacer un gran esfuerzo. Afortunadamente, la odontología estética moderna se encuentra en el más alto nivel de desarrollo y, por lo tanto, puede resolver el problema del oscurecimiento de los dientes, sea cual sea su causa.


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Poor oral hygiene
Remains of food, particles of saliva are mineralized under the action of salts. Plaque accumulates on the surface of the teeth, in the interdental spaces, under the gums. Has a yellowish tint.

Passion for drinks, food with dyes
They penetrate through the pores in the enamel into the dentin (the hard tissue of the tooth) and stain it. Frequent use of dark juices, beets, carrots over time becomes the cause of darkening.

Nicotine has a similar effect. Contains pigments that penetrate the dentin. Medication
Antibiotic tetracycline, preparations with iron can change the shade of tooth tissues. They are covered in spots. The same effect from excessive mineralization of the body with fluorine.        Age
After the age of 50, most people in the body undergo changes leading to darkening.

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